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  1. MoCo or FC Slider Long Feet

    Starting at: €90.00

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    Long Feet for MoCo Slider or FC Slider
  2. NIKON N8

    Starting at: €29.00

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  3. Sachtler / Vinten Adapter
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    Flat base adapter for flat base Sachtler and Vinten fluid heads with 4-bolt fitting (4 x 3/8"screws)
  4. 150mm BALL
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    FloatCam 150mm ball with knob allows to use 150mm bowl tripods with DollyCrane. It provides better stability for heavier cameras (DollyCrane SD / SD+)
  5. Mitchell Mount
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    FloatCam Mitchell Mount with knob allows to use Mitchell tripods with DollyCrane HD or DollyCrane SD / SD+ . It provides better stability for heavier cameras (DollyCrane SD / SD+)
  6. Hard flight cases for DollyCrane SD / SD+
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    Two extremely strong and durable flight cases with rolling wheels for easy transportation. LONG CASE - 197x31x26cm - 10kg SHORT CASE - 98x37x20cm - 6kg
  7. Low Profile Tilt Plate
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    The low profile plate for the DollyCrane and DollyCrane HD and many other devices, provides a stable platform when fluid movement is not required. Quite often, when doing timelapse or motion control imaging, it is important to keep the camera steady in a predetermined, locked-down position. It lowers the center of gravity on the camera package to ensure stable, solid imaging.

  8. Sled FC14
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    FC-14 HD-SDI Sled
    Monitor LCD 7" 800x480 - Composite
    FC-14 Docking bracket
    Cables - video and power
    1.5 kg weight plate
    Reinforced Soft Case

  9. DollyCrane SD+ Upgrade Kit
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    Upgrade your standard DollyCrane SD (12kg payload) to DollyCrane SD+ (16kg payload). Kit available with 150mm ball or Mitchell mount.

    Starting at: €268.00

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    Awarded FloatCam Pro offers the best when it comes to camera stabilization systems. As a result of constant search for innovative and effective solutions and systems the FloatCam Pro system can be characterized by its durability, high quality materials and extremely attractive price.

    Starting at: €240.00

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    Pan Tilt Head can be supplied from AC/DC adapter or from 12V batteries like V-lock, Anton Bauer and 2xNP-F Sony. Battery is mounted on the plate attached to the head. Thanks to that the head can rotate 360 deg unlimited times.
  12. MotionControl RF / HD RF

    Starting at: €999.00

    Tax Excl.
    Developed specifically for use with the DollyCrane SD / SD+, DollyCrane HD and MoCo Slider, you’ll enjoy endless possibilities of camera movement and control. Wireless MotionControl allows manual and programmed movements. Every movement, manual or programmed, may be recorded and stored for later use. Each movement can be repeated up to 999 times and extended “time extension” up to 99 times, allowing the user more than enough opportunity to get that perfect shot.
  13. MoCo Slider
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    MoCo Slider boasts a 50kg weight capacity which means that it can handle almost every camera available on the market! The movement is always stable and ultra-smooth, no matter how heavy camera is. Thanks to its unique construction it can be very easily connected with a MotionControl HD RF system!
  14. FC Slider
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    FC Slider boasts a 50kg weight capacity which means that it can handle almost every camera available on the market! Thanks to its construction the movement is always stable and ultra-smooth, no matter how heavy camera is. FC Slider is our lightest and most compact slider. It can be dropped on the ground, set on a table or mounted on a tripod.
  15. Pan Tilt Head RF

    Regular Price: €3,800.00

    Special Price €2,999.00

    Tax Excl.

    Leightweight, wireless remote head for live action and time lapse. 300m range. The head is controlled by a multi-axis joystick with a built in microprocessor to program, record and playback up to 10 moves. Smooth, variable speed, 360 degree pan and tilt moves.
    Pan Tilt Head can be mounted separately on tripods, jibs etc. or attached to DollyCrane and MoCo Slider. To operate on DollyCrane or MoCo Slider it is neccessary to attach "Z" motor to the rail. For more information visit Pan Tilt Head page (PTH Configurations section).

  16. DollyCrane SD / SD+
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    A multi-award winning, counter-balanced, multi-function, multi-angled camera platform combining the function of the slider, camera crane, mini jib and tower. Once set up, the system can instantly change its function from slider to crane / mini jib and back thanks to its unique construction. DollyCrane can be assembled quickly by just one operator. DollyCrane SD will carry payload up to 12kg and DollyCrane SD+ up to 16kg.

  17. DollyCrane HD
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    As the model name implies, this is a heavy duty version of the popular DollyCrane, and can handle much larger cameras like the ARRI ALEXA, RED ONE, SONY F65 without compromising stability, performance and, of course, creativity. It's an innovative grip system combining the function of Mini Jib and slider. It carries a payload up to 32kg.

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17 Item(s)