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FloatCam company specializes in offering multi functional camera platforms (video camera sliders, cranes, jibs etc.) and camera stabilizing systems appreciated by professionals all over the world. We employ innovative solutions to enhance possibilities and solidity of each and every product created by us to improve the quality of your work. DollyCrane and DollyCrane HD can be used as i.e. video, DSLR camera slider, Mini Jib, crane or tower and offers vast range of possible angles and features which make it extremely functional as for example the Motion Control system.

FloatCam Pro – choose the best quality, functionality and unique solutions offered by our company.

DollyCrane SD

DollyCrane is a multifunctional tool working as a camera slider, tower, crane and allows to be utilized in almost any angle. It is functional, the operation is very simple and requires minimal effort thanks to the unique counterbalance system. DollyCrane video camera slider means great functionality and high quality.

DollyCrane HD

The HD in DollyCraneHD stands for Heavy Duty – its design supports the payload of up to 65 lbs (about 32 kg), while the standard DC camera sliders can be used with the equipment weighing up to 25 lbs (12 kg). The HD version offers the same comfort of use and functionality as the standard DC.

MotionControl RF

The Motion Control has been designed to suit the specific parameters of DollyCrane and DollyCraneHD camera sliders. It gives vast possibilities when it comes to automatic and manual camera operation such as time-lapses, repeated actions and much more to give you a chance to capture the perfect shot.

FloatCam Pro FC14

FloatCam PRO

Awarded FloatCam Pro offers the best when it comes to camera stabilization systems. As a result of constant search for innovative and effective solutions and systems the FloatCam Pro system can be characterized by its durability, high quality materials and extremely attractive price.

FC Slider

FC Slider is our lightest and most compact slider. It can be dropped on the ground, set on a table or mounted on a tripod. FC Slider boasts a 50kg weight capacity which means that it can handle almost every camera available on the market! Thanks to its construction the movement is always stable and ultra-smooth.

MoCo Slider

MoCo Slider

MoCo boasts a 50kg weight capacity which means that it can handle almost every camera available on the market! Thanks to its unique construction it can be very easily connected with a MotionControl HD RF system! The movement is always stable and ultra-smooth, no matter how heavy camera is.

Pan/Tilt Head RF

Leightweight, wireless remote head for live action and time lapse. The head is controlled by a multi-axis joystick with a built in microprocessor to program, record and playback up to 10 moves. Smooth, variable speed 360 degree pan and tilt moves.

DollyCrane SD+ Upgrade Kit

DollyCrane SD+ Upgrade Kit

Upgrade your standard DollyCrane SD (12kg payload) to DollyCrane SD+ (16kg payload). Kit available with 150mm ball or Mitchell mount.

Low Profile Tilt Plate

Low Profile Tilt Plate

The low profile plate provides a stable platform when fluid movement is not required. Quite often, when doing timelapse or motion control imaging, it is important to keep the camera steady in a predetermined, locked-down position. It lowers the center of gravity.